César Marrades Cortés

Social Media Analysis

Twitter Network – #DeleteFacebook


This project is the result of a Continuous Assessment for the Social Media Analysis module for the degree in Bsc. Honours in Computing with Data Analytics (2017-2018) on ITT Tallaght, Dublin, Ireland.

The main purpose of the CA was to analyse social media data through a set of visualisations and explain the insights discovered.

The document explores the social impact generated on Twitter after the Cambridge Analytica scandal on 2018. This resulted on a popular hashtag on Twitter: #DeleteFacebook. The data of this CA was extracted through the tool Node XL and adds interesting observations about the shapes and relationships observed.

This is an example on how social media data can be analysed to extract meaningful information that can be translated to actions into different areas of any business.

Conclusions obtained

  • Main influencers on the hashtag #DeleteFacebook
  • Identified different groups with different interests
  • Observed interesting interactions of persons related to the company

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