César Marrades Cortés

GarageLink, New Frontiers Programme, Business Case

GarageLink, New Frontiers

GarageLink was a personal project accepted for the New Frontiers Entrepreneur Programme on 2020, the year Covid hit the world. It was an ambitious project that aimed to disrupt the car model industry.

Projecting 27% Irish Market Share with a a 2.8€million accumulated revenue on 3rd year, the project was based on a Market Place model, connecting Users and Garages, and enabling a platform for white labelling and reselling products.

It was shortlisted from a long list of applicants and included on the 18 selected to form part of the Entrepreneurs programme.

“The purpose of the New Frontiers Programme is to accelerate the development of sustainable early stage businesses across the country which have strong employment and growth potential and to provide a pipeline of clients for Enterprise Ireland and the Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs).”

Business Case – Executive Summary

“GarageLynk is a new platform aiming to revolution the garage industry, enabling new channels to provide existing and new services, boosting customer engagement and increase garages revenue. It also emphasizes the need for customers and garages to have an easy way to connect, and to get cars repaired in an effective way.
The key for success is to build an integration platform (like Stripe), so resellers can join to the open marketplace, allowing garages from all country to access a broader customer base through these resellers.

This venture is solo founded by Cesar Marrades Cortes. He has 15 years extended background on IT engineering, and solid professional and interpersonal skills. Extended references cnd history can be found on this document and…”

Full document can be found on business case attached below.

Project / Milestones

The project had a 3 clear differentiated areas:

1. IT Development:

Milestones achieved:

  • Landing Website (not available)
  • Server Infrastructure (AWS cloud)
  • Roadmap (Jira)
  • CI Automation, Automated Testing, Automated Deployments
  • Components Breakdown
  • Backend development for MVP (60%)

2. Customer Engagement / Marketing

Milestones achieved:

  • Basic Branding
  • Website for customer engagement
  • Acquire Ireland Garages contact details database (over 500 records)
  • Collect survey data from multiple garages
  • Onboard garages for testing

3. Business

Milestones achieved:

  • Finished first phase of Enteprise Ireland Entepreneurs Programme
  • Business Case pdf.
  • Pitched concept. See 5 mins pitch here

Available Downloads

Current Status

  • Even project finished first phase of Entepreneurs Programme, it was never presented for phase 2 for personal reasons.
  • On 2022 a similar business model obtained 5million funding in Spain.