César Marrades Cortés

Psychology – Conflict and Prejudice

The Essay

This document was presented as an essay for the module Foundations in social Psychology from the Diploma on Psychology (2016) on Dublin Business School.
The document offers an interesting read about how a mix of components such as prejudice, schemas and stereotypes lead to conflict in society, and how these concepts play an important role nowadays in our world. Knowing their roots will help any individual to learn how to tackle them.


“…we all understand this concept as a preformed judgement or opinion about something or somebody, without having all the pieces of information required to form a valid opinion…”


“…we tend to look for similarities or “scripts” about how we think things work, how groups of people tend to act, or how we are supposed to interact on different scenarios…”


“…stereotypes are based on “the tendency to group things together”. With this process we implicitly tend to exaggerate “differences between groups”, and “similarities of things in the same group”, leading in some cases to discrimination as the seed to negative progressions….”

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