César Marrades Cortés

Psychology Profiling Assault Victims


“…evidence was found on common unconsciously selective behaviours across participants,…”

The experiment

“…experiment was carried on a prison where a set criminals convicted of several crime offences were asked to look video tapes of people walking on the streets….”


“… nonverbal language is an external indicator of our personality and can hint behavioural traits…”


This document was presented as an essay for the module Psychologycal foundations from the Diploma on Psychology (2016) on Dublin Business School.

In 1970 an experiment was carried on in a prison, where criminals where asked to identify through video tape potential victims of an assault. The experiment concluded that the participants found common patterns and traits on potential victims of assault. This work gathers data of this experiment with research on the field on a short and readable document, offering an interesting view on the field that hopefully helps to create an interest for the field on the reader.