Software Engineer Nov 2005- Sep 2008   Full stack developer. External resource on Valencia Port facilities contributing to develop internal framework and business related applications.     Customer Support, customer on site external developer.   Stack   Vb6, C#, SqlServier

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Software Engineer Nov 2008-Oct 2010   Analyst and technical responsible for Sanitas Client. Direct contact with client. Requirements definition, analysis sign offs, acceptance tests and development. Analysis, support and project team lead.   Developer: internal architecture-framework design.   Develop and implement new applications, CRs and bug fixing under stringent workflow..Read More


Team Lead, Software Engineer 2010 – Jul 2013 Schroders Project TeamLead – Architecture, Analysis, Planning, Resources Management, Client meetings, Dependencies, Estimates, development and documentation. Succesfully delivered under timelines. Available on client’s site.   .NET Full Stack Team member   Release Engineer.   NserviceBus ETL Back-End project   Mng web development..Read More


Software Engineer Aug 2013 – Mar 2014   Senior full-stack developer in global enterprise solution under agile environment. Project “in house” transition. WAI-ARIA. Accessibility development. Estimates, effort sizing.   Stack   SQLServer 2008 NET 2012. C#, VB.Net. Asp.Net. Lotus environment, RTC


Software Engineer Mar 2014 – Oct 2015   Back-end developer on the Loan Operations team. Design – Development of new features on SOA multi component Architecture, TDD, Unit and Service Testing.   Involvement in Loans, Payments and Collections Core solutions.   Push for FCA Authorization Process.   Stack   SQLServer..Read More


Senior Software Engineer Nov 2015 – Present   Responsible for Agile transition, standardising development practices, CI enterprise environment, Octopus automated production deployments .   Team Lead for Sepa, ServiceInventory, Payments / Realex integration, and multiple Apis. End to End implementation with full automated continuous integration (unit, integration and system tests)..Read More